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I am passionate about philanthropy, but like many other people I am not in a position where I can make generous financial donations to charity. However, one definition of philanthropy is: ‘the process of giving back to those less fortunate.’  There will always be people less fortunate and there will always be something we can give.  There currently seems to be a greater awareness of philanthropy and a new movement to ‘pay it forward’, which is defined as performing an act of kindness without expecting, or wanting, any recompense. This term can be seen extensively across social media platforms.  In addition Michael Chatman, Global Philanthropy Thought Leader, hosts #WHYIGive on Twitter and has over 287,000 followers, who share their reasons for giving in 140 characters.

Sali Gray

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Coaching & Mentoring for Charities
and ‘Not-for-Profit’ Organisations

I am very much an ‘ideas’ person and have created many different events for charities over the years.  I am passionate about helping charities, whether it be raising their profile, creating and launching an appeal, recruiting volunteers, organising successful fundraising events, facilitating connections, writing content for a website…. the list is endless.  In fact, it’s fair to say that I love all aspects of charity work.

If you feel that your charity could benefit from some coaching or mentoring, you may be interested to know that I offer a discounted rate to registered charities and not-for-profit organisations.


In addition, I am a Time Philanthropist

I came up with this title many years ago, whilst preparing an ‘elevator speech’.  I thought it summed up my voluntary work perfectly.  I donate a large proportion of my own time to charitable projects and have done so for most of my life.  It is a passion.   In 2007 I came across a fledgling charity, called the Little Princess Trust and decided to attend its AGM. There I heard that the Trustees were considering paying a PR company to help raise awareness of the charity, which gives ‘real hair’ wigs to children and young people in the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair, primarily through cancer treatments.  Knowing that I had the skills sets to help them, I volunteered my time enabling them to save the money that they would have spent with a PR company. The charity’s branding was pink and I drove a pink Nissan Micra C&C, which attracted a huge amount of attention (there weren’t many pink cars on the road then) so I suggested that I create an annual Pink Car Rally, which I continue to organise to this day. Here is the story of the Pink Car Rally If you’re on Facebook, do drop by and say “Hello”

In 2015, I created an appeal to bring lovely surprises to Corah-Beth Slaney, a sixteen year old songstress who had been diagnosed with the life-limiting Mitochondrial disease.  I created the hashtag #AChorus4Corah and launched an appeal on social media, with the aim of fulfilling her parents’ dream of finding a pop-star to sing with Corah. They knew how special that would be for her.  I ascertained her favourite singer was Jessie J and six days after the launch of the appeal, Corah met Jessie.  The appeal continued, with a request for people to upload songs and messages to Facebook to make Corah smile. Continuing with the theme, I created the #SingASong4Corah challenge – asking people to ‘TagAMate & Donate’ – with all donations going towards funding a wet-room for Corah.  Once we had achieved the fundraising target, I created a new crowdfunding appeal on to support the family financially, so that Corah’s father could take unpaid leave from work, to help care for her.  Corah’s story, together with information about the appeal and the challenge, can be read on Sadly Corah passed away in July 2015 – a Purple Princess who, in her short life, had touched the nation’s hearts.

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