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Preparation & practise produces a polished professional performance.

Sali Gray

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Public Speaking

I enjoy public speaking in the same way that some women enjoy giving birth! The anticipation can be both exciting and nerve racking, no matter how much preparation you put into it.  When it happens, although it can be painful, you get caught-up in the moment and give it everything you have.  At the end, the euphoria is incredible.


How do we ever gauge how good we are at public speaking? I have heard many public speakers and quite frankly have not been impressed… but I was always taught “those who live in glass houses…..”


I can however, say this:-

  • I am professional.
  • I have excellent feedback from both those who have booked me as a speaker and those who have attended the event.
  • I am passionate about my subject matter.
  • I do prepare.  I do practise. I do ask about the target audience. I do ask about timing and plan my talks accordingly.

I particularly enjoy radio interviews and I am a regular guest on BBC Radio Gloucestershire, where I have spoken about Life Coaching, New Year Resolutions (do they work?) the Pink Car Rally and contributed to the Midweek Mix. Each year, prior to the rally, I am invited to talk about it on regional radio stations which cover that year’s rally route.  If you’re looking for a lively guest for your radio station, please call me. I’m never short of something to say!

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