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Don’t fall into the trap of spending your budget perfecting the product (or service) the packaging, the promotion, the marketing material, the advertising….. and then neglect to train your employees effectively.  If you don’t lose the initial sale, you may lose repeat orders.  Training will not only empower your employees, but it will help them to feel valued and an integral part of the success of the business.

Sali Gray

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Trainer & Facilitator

I am a qualified Trainer & Facilitator and enjoy writing and delivering bespoke Training Programmes, ensuring they encompass all learning styles.  Subjects include:-

Fundraising Strategy and implementation
An Insight to CrowdFunding
The Power of Passion
Career Coaching
Effective Telephone Communication
Productive Committee Meetings
Savvy Networking
Developing Listening Skills
Overcoming Objections
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Customer Retention
Confidence Building
Valuing & Retaining your Employees

I particularly enjoy facilitating Networking Events, ‘connecting’ people and working with young people, to help them to reach their potential.

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